Monday, March 9, 2009

Get Back, Stevie Joe

Back to Where I Once Belonged,
Stevie Joe Parker

Monday, March 2, 2009

Stevie Joe Remembers Wrigley Field

From a 1978 Wrigley Field program:

Box Seats  $5.50
Reserved Grandstand  $4.50
General Admission (adults)  $3.00
General Admission (children, age 13 and under)  $1.50
Senior Citizens General Admissions, Tuesday  $1.00
Ladies Day Friday, General Admission, 14 or older  $1.00
Bleachers  $1.50

All Beef Quarter Pd. Hot Dog  $1.00
Oscar Mayer Hot Dog  60c
Hamburger Sandwich  70c
Smokie Link Sandwich  70c
French Fries  35c
Better Baked Cheese Pizza  65c
Better Baked Sausage Pizza  65c
Borden's Frosty Malt  45c
Coffee  30c
Hot Chocolate  30c
Coca Cola  40c & 75c
Heileman's Old Style Beer 85c & $1.00
Miller's High Life Beer  85c & $1.00
Salted-In-Shell Peanuts  25c
Cracker Jack  45c
Popcorn  35c
Candy  35c
Cigars  25c
Cigarettes  75c
Wrigley's Gum, 5, 7-stick pkg  15c & 20c
Wrigley Field Program  25c
Cubs Program Pencil  10c
Pennant (All N.L. Teams)  $1.00
1978 Cubs Roster Book  $1.00
1978 Cubs Color Team Picture  $1.00
Cub Rings (Round or Square)  $1.00
Ballpoint Pen Set  $1.00
Bear Emblem  $1.25
Cub Wristband  $1.25
12 Miniature N.L. Pennants  $2.00
Cubs Plastic Helmet  $2.00
Caps 'n Bats Kit  $2.50
Souvenir Caps  $3.75 & $3.25
Cub T-Shirts  $3.00 & $3.50
Autographed Baseballs  $3.50
Plastic Autograph Ball Holder  $2.00
Ball Cushion  $3.25
Cubs Sweatshirts (Childrens)  $5.50
Cubs Sweatshirts (Adults)  $6.25
Cubs Windbreaker (Childrens)  $10.50
Cubs Windbreaker (Adults)  $11.00

Hey! Hey!
Stevie Joe Parker