Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stevie Joe's GOP Problem

As you know, the GOP primary battles are well under way, and I've been itching to write about them. The gang down at the Junebug Café has been asking me about it as well. However, it's a trap.

See, most of the good folks around the Holler are fairly conservative, some to the point of lunacy (I'm looking at you, Dickie Jensen). On the other hand, I'm well-known as a damned member of the liberal elite. So, I've been a little skeptical of the encouragement offered by the denizens of the Republican persuasion. I figure there are three possibilities here:

1) The gang expects me to write positively about their favorite candidates thus making them feel all warm inside. While intellectual fortitude is not one of the local traits promoted by the Chamber of Commerce, I don't think that anyone here is that dumb.

2) They expect me to highlight the negative qualities of the Republican candidates that they don't favor thus making their fellow look better in comparison. Of course, this assumes that I don't impugn the characters of the entire field (which is likely).

Which leaves us with #3:

3) They expect me to attack the whole field and then will use this to torment me for months to come. Of course, this is exactly what will happen. They know me, and I know them. It's always helpful in the course of political debate to have your opponent's arguments staked out beforehand. If I write any such post, it will just allow them to research and gear up for future political battle at the Café.

I'll probably write it anyway.

"Arguments are to be avoided: they are always vulgar and often convincing." - O. Wilde

Stevie Joe Parker