Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stevie Joe Says "I'm Back"

Well, Mrs. Stevie Joe has discovered the wide, wide world of scrapbooking on the internet. She is a certified scrapbooking nut - the kind of person who actually travels to scrapbooking conventions and "crop fests." Unfortunately, her discovery of online resources to support her addiction meant that ol' Stevie Joe couldn't get anywhere near the computer for the past couple of weeks.

Since her hysteria has died down just a touch, I'm able to get back to the Stevie Joe Parker's Guide to Life. Fortunately, not much has happened in Junebug Holler recently. So, you haven't missed anything.

I will write soon about proper nutrition. Not only is this an important component of any Guide to Life, but it can be a profitable one as well. Those darned diet books sell by the millions, and most of the folks writing them are complete morons. Imagine if a genius like Stevie Joe got into the act!

Meanwhile, I found a funny site for fans of Charles Bukowski. I can't share it with anyone here in Junebug Holler because nobody knows who he is, but I figure the bright folks who read the Guide to Life would appreciate it. Check it out here.

Good grief,
Stevie Joe Parker

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