Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stevie Joe's NH Congratulations

Thanks to the good folks of the Granite State for doing their civic duty, and congratulations to Mrs. Clinton and Mr. McCain. There are a few things bothering ol' Stevie Joe, however. First, there are reports that some folks decided to vote for Hillary at the last moment because she cried on the TV. Now, that is just the dumbest reason for voting for someone. Admitting this in public should be grounds for losing one's voting privileges.

Second, exit polls asked voters if they would keep their vote the same if Bill Clinton was also running. Pretty much everyone said that they would not change their vote except for Hillary supporters. Most of them would rather vote for Bill. This, of course, raises the question of whether they are really voting for Hillary or trying to re-elect Bill.

Third, Clinton won New Hampshire yet Obama received more delegates (11 and 12 respectively). This is because of the "super delegates" which are pledged to candidates separate from the primary vote. Seems kind of odd yet there it is. As a result of this super delegate system, Clinton currently leads the delegate count with 183 versus 78 for Obama and 52 for Edwards. Confused yet?

Fourth, speaking of Edwards, I loved his speech after the Iowa caucuses. Unfortunately, he essentially gave the same speech after the New Hampshire primary. John, keep your material up to date.

Anyway you cut it, it's still some exciting stuff!

Yes we can,
Stevie Joe Parker

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