Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stevie Joe Is Back!

I know what you're thinking, "Where the heck has Stevie Joe been?" Well, I'll tell ya. I've gone underground to prepare for the upcoming class war. Now, there ain't much further underground than Junebug Holler. So, I went down in the basement to conduct some pondering.

I figure that the class war is already on. Most of us just don't recognize it. The upper class has been carpet bombing the rest of us for a few years now, but we've been too busy watching American Idol to notice.  Being a peaceful man myself, I've been thinking on how to fight back without, well, actually fighting.  After all, they've got unmanned drones and cruise missiles and what-not.  We've got TiVo remotes, but I don't think they will be of much help.

Some hope has finally appeared on the radar:  the failure of the Wall Street Bailout.  Now, this will likely be approved in a few days, but for a few brief moments, America stood up and said "No!"  

The politicians, including both Obama and McCain, have insisted that the poor saps who oppose this plan are just too stupid to realize that it benefits everyone, not just the financial tycoons.  We just need it explained to us without all the big words.  However, these folks might be ignoring two possibilities:

1)  The American people aren't that stupid (although I have been burned by overestimating the intelligence of the average citizen before) and just don't believe what we are told any more.  Who says that the bailout is good for the average guy?  Wall Street.  Frankly, their credibility is a wee bit suspect.

2)  The American people accept the fact that the collapse of Wall Street will be bad for everyone, and they want to do it anyway.  Maybe, Americans are ready to bite the bullet and  live through another Depression just to see the financial markets wiped clean and begun anew.  Folks are tired of the super rich getting richer and richer.   

In any case, it's just a small sliver of hope shining through the darkness that the Great American Spirit is ready to reappear.  If so, I offer a Great American Hero for guidance:

Looking for a place for my stuff,
Stevie Joe Parker

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lolotehe said...

Wow, it's like reading Alvin Toffler again.