Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stevie Joe's Holler Update

Stevie Joe is just getting over the flu, and, boy, did it kick my behind! My body was so sore that I couldn't sleep. Of course, Mrs. Stevie Joe thought I was making it all up as an excuse to lay in bed and get outta doing chores. So, this morning, I licked her toast when she wasn't looking.

In other news, Juanita and Jimmy are fighting again. Lord knows what it's all about this time. They are both so hard-headed. To get Jimmy's goat, Juanita has been hanging around Junior. Everyone knows that Junior is sweet on Juanita. Jimmy has responded by hanging out with Dickie Jensen. As a result, the Great Ambulance Feud of 2008 gains two new combatants.

Now, Juanita and Jimmy are both holding their noses on this one. Hardly anyone except me can stand Junior, and nobody at all can put up with Dickie for any length of time. But as they say, strange bedfellows and all . . .

Toast lickin' for the truth,
Stevie Joe Parker

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