Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stevie Joe, The Good Professor, Alan Greenspan, and Adam Smith

It appears that the Good Professor from Edinburgh has indeed responded to old Stevie Joe, but he did not do so by name. Check out his post here to see the details. Here is one quote of interest:
. . . some acknowledge their ‘errors’ but as brazenly declare they will continue with their attributions because that is what the modern profession has decided to do, and it’s now ‘irreversible’ (a strange stance for scholars) . . .
This might be a strange stance for scholars if said scholars were addressing other academics in the field of economics (this is an excellent spectator sport, but I choose not to be a participant). However, old Stevie Joe is addressing the entire world here and must deal with how most folks perceive Adam Smith whether or not this perception is accurate.

Just to show, however, that Stevie Joe is not alone, check out this post by the Good Professor. Here, he argues that Alan Greenspan doesn't really understand Adam Smith either. Here's a quote:
. . .he [Greenspan] does not seem to be acquainted with his Works to any degree. His image of Adam Smith is firmly stuck in the Chicago model of Adam Smith, which has little acquaintance with the man from Kirkcaldy.
I know for a fact that both Stevie Joe and Mr. Greenspan are damn geniuses. Professor Kennedy makes no attempt to explain how we both could be wrong about this. After all, I know a lot about everything, and Alan Greenspan would appear to know a lot about economics. I say this round goes to the geniuses.

Thinking of Groundskeeper Willie,
Stevie Joe Parker


Gavin Kennedy said...


Stevie Joe.

My apologies for missing you comments on 2 July and for not replying immediately, as I normally do. I did not see them, otherwise I would have replied.

I have commented on your complaint on in yesterday's posts.

Best wishes


Stevie Joe Parker said...

I appreciate your reply, Professor Kennedy. I'll take a look at your latest post.

Stevie Joe Parker