Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stevie Joe Has Fun With Wally and Mayor Barney

Well, another election has come and gone, and Mayor Barney is still in office. Now, he ran unopposed, but Barney is more than capable of losing anyway. Unfortunately for Mayor Barney, the celebration was short. His old pal Wally Simkins has threatened a lawsuit over, you guessed it, Mayor Barney's Mudslide Estates.

As you might recall, Mayor Barney has been filling in a ravine so he can sell a couple more lots. He thoughtfully provided a pipe to handle the water flow from the drainage tile of the farm across the street. However, he somehow forgot about the drainage coming from the neighboring lots on his side of the road. Like Wally Simkin's lot.

Wally and Mayor Barney have been pals for years. They were on the high school basketball team together. So, when Mayor Barney offered lots for sale in Mudslide Estates, Wally was the first to buy one. There he built his dream home complete with a surround sound home theater system right in the basement. This is the same basement that is now filling with water because his lot no longer drains into the ravine. Hence the icy chill that has blown into Mayor Barney's victory celebration.

This stuff never gets old.
Stevie Joe Parker

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