Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stevie Joe and Ray - Part 2

Sunday, November 4, 2007 – Part 2

Since I am not one to be deterred, I continued my quest to determine the identity of Fanny’s mystery guest. At church today, murmurs floated throughout the congregation. Hardly a person could maintain focus on poor Pastor Luke’s sermon, which was about some New Testament thing or another. All in attendance, except for Fanny, were waiting with great anticipation for Coffee Hour when rumors would fly and theories would be tested.

Nearly before the doughnut boxes were opened, the various theories began to fly. Jimmy pondered, “Maybe, it’s Donald Trump scouting locations for a new casino.”

Juanita disagreed, “Why would Donald Trump drive such a crappy car?”

“Maybe, he’s traveling incognito,” Jimmy replied.

This caused Dickie Jensen to perk right up. “Possibly, but a man traveling incognito could also be a government agent, perhaps someone checking into the un-American activities of Stevie Joe over there,” he said with a finger pointing in my direction.

Junior jumped in with his own bit of detective work. “Ooh! Maybe, it’s Vincent Price! He’s mysterious.” Nobody was quite sure whether to inform Junior that Vincent Price was dead or to just ignore him. Dickie took the middle road and called him an idiot.

It had become apparent to me that nobody present, save Miss Fanny, had any clue whatsoever about the identity of our visitor. I was going to have to work on Fanny herself and possibly even infiltrate the Home-In-The-Holler Bed and Breakfast in order to solve this one.

More Stevie Joe and Ray is right around the bend,
Stevie Joe Parker

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