Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stevie Joe, The Pinkyshow, and Immigration

I've been meaning to write some about immigration, but then I found a great video that sort of wraps it all up nicely. Remember, cartoon cats don't lie.

Stevie Joe Parker


Anonymous said...

Hi Stevie,

At the side of your blog, you mentioned "I embarked on a rigorous course of education. I’ve read the Great Books and studied the world’s cultures and religions. I immersed myself in the sciences and followed history’s greatest thinkers."

May i know what are the Great books and how you went about on your rigorous course of education?
My email add is thepossiblehuman08@gmail.com Hope to hear from you soon.

With regards,
17- year old Alexander

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but....

Even Native 'mericans came from somewhere else, didn't they? Like about 12,000 years ago across the land bridge up Alaska way.

Unless they were creationists. Then it was only 5,000 years ago (more or less), because everyone knows that the world was created then, and a big flood came along and kilt everyone, except for a few white people from the middle east, and the flood carved the Grand Canyon.

Hey, people die in the desert here all the time, trying to make a better life. The Gov'ment gets a chance to create a new branch of the military, and while the public's attention is drawn to the racial profiling and genocide, some dumb-ass pretend Texan is taking a meat cleaver to our constitution.

But it's OK, so long as we have our big screen TV's to watch some lame "Reality Show" to numb our brains into thinking that reality comes with a million bux to the winner.

As long as stupid americans keep driving their SUV's to the destruction of our home. And keep eating chemical approximations of food. And get so fat thatnot only can they not rise up in protest, they need a super-sized casket and a crane to lower their bloated carcasses into the ground when they died prematurely from being FAT.

America. Sleepwalking blindly into oblivion.

Let Freedumb Ring.

Me? Bitter? Nah. Just sick of what we've become.

Peace out, Stevie Joe. Keep fighting the good fight!

Karl in Tucson (On the front line of the war on brown people).

Stevie Joe Parker said...

Dear 17yo Alexander,

Google "Mortimer Adler" and all will be revealed. Have fun!

Stevie Joe Parker

Stevie Joe Parker said...

Dear Karl,

I'm with you, Bud. However, the Native Americans are "native" in the sense that they were the first ones here. So, the situation is a little different. No laws were broken (that I am aware of, anyway).

Keep the faith, brother!

Stevie Joe Parker