Monday, June 18, 2007

Stevie Joe and the Saga of Bob and Matthew

"Bob" and "Matthew" are still insisting that they are, in fact, the identical twins of Junior and Dickie. This is despite the fact that their goatees look like they came from a Sigmund Freud Halloween costume down at the Wiggly Piggly. The brain trust over at Prudy's thinks that this is just a ruse to avoid the wrath of Jimmy. However, "Bob" is voluntarily shaving his own head, and "Matthew," the born again brother of Dickie, continues to work as Jimmy's slave. He claims that any debt owed by his brother is a debt of his. Whatever.

I still think that the whole town is finally going over the edge. People are actually starting to call these two clowns "Bob" and "Matthew" as if it's completely normal.

I gotta find me a new town,
Stevie Joe Parker

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