Friday, June 22, 2007

Stevie Joe's Recap of the Twin Situation

Some folks have had a little trouble following all of the claimed identical twins floating around Junebug Holler. I know how you feel. I'm a bit confused myself. So, here it goes:

* Junior's claimed twin is Bob. He looks just like Junior complete with shaved head but has a goatee. He's a bit more gregarious than Junior.

* Dickie Jensen's claimed twin is Matthew. He looks just like Dickie with a goatee, and he is a born-again, bible-clutching Christian.

*Prudy's claimed twin is Trudy. She looks just like Prudy, and she has no goatee.

So far, that's it. The 3 twins are still around, and the 3 "originals" have not been seen. No explanation of this twin invasion has been offered.

The Truth is Out There,
Stevie Joe Parker

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