Monday, January 29, 2007

Stevie Joe and Len Take on Foreign Policy

Len and I have been talking foreign policy. It seems to us that the current administration's attitude towards countries with which it disagrees could use some fixing up. While discussing this, we came up with a little analogy.

I own a shotgun. Now, suppose that Junior comes over to my house and says that he wants to buy a shotgun, too. Considering Junior's poor decision-making abilities (to put it mildly), this causes me some alarm. I don't think it's such a good idea that Junior have a shotgun (at least while he's living in the same town). So, how should I go about resolving this issue?

Suppose I stick my shotgun in Junior's face and tell him that he's not getting any damn weapon. He says, "Hey, let's talk about this." I tell him that I won't talk to him because that would be rewarding his bad behavior. However, I tell him that we can talk after he makes a promise to forget about buying that shotgun. Plus, he has to let his romantic adversary, Jimmy, make regular inspections of his house for guns and/or pictures of Juanita.

So, given this course of action, do you think Junior is inviting me over for his next barbeque? Len didn't think so either.

Keep Struggling for World Peace,
Stevie Joe Parker

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