Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stevie Joe Confronted by Junior

Junior came over today and complained about how he is being portrayed on the blog. Now, Junior has no computer nor would he know what to do with one if it fell in his lap. So, one of you has been talking to him.

I can handle Junior because he's a good old boy and we're friends and all. However, I'm on a damn mission here, people. I need to spread the word and don't have time to argue with Junior (which is kind of like explaining quantum physics to a hyperactive monkey). He's usually pretty quiet because he's either got a bottle in his mouth or is looking at some girlie magazine. However, when he gets a bug up his rear, like today, he doesn't hardly ever stop yapping at me.

So, for the sake of the world (and Stevie Joe's sanity), I ask whoever has been talking to Junior to knock it off. Thanks.

Needing a drink,
Stevie Joe Parker

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