Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stevie Joe and the Quakers

The Big Blue Wagon is fixed, and I finally made it back home! I was drove a good portion of the night and missed the 24. Mrs. Stevie Joe taped it. So, don't tell me what happened. All I can say is that I hope there is more Chloe.

On Sunday, Len took me to church with him. He is a Quaker. So, I got my first visit to a Quaker meeting. I didn't know what to expect. My knowledge of Quakers was limited to a bit of reading about George Fox and William Penn. As far as I knew, they all still looked like the fellow on the oatmeal box.

It turns out that today's Quakers drive cars, not carriages, and generally accept modern technologies and conveniences. However, they still value simplicity as the damn cold meetinghouse with no running water demonstrated.

Anyway, my favorite part was the Quaker service or what they call the "meeting for worship." We all sat down in the pews, which face each other - not an altar, and sat in complete silence for about an hour. Boy, was that nice. No preaching. Just silence. A couple of times someone stood up and said something about remembering a sick loved one or praying for peace, but otherwise it was quiet and peaceful. Now, if I can just get Pastor Luke to tone it down a notch or two at the services back here in Junebug Holler.

Stevie Joe Parker

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