Tuesday, May 8, 2007

stevie joe is down for the count

i feel awful. i am typing this with one hand as i rest my head on the desk. it's a cold or flu or flesh-eating bacteria or something godawful. i feel like i got stuck between elvis and a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich. frankly, i feel like i have a hangover, but even in junebug holler, hangovers don't last this long.

i know that i haven't posted in a while. i know that i am letting down my fans and letting down the nation. heck, i'll bet i'm even disappointing bill maher who must be struggling for material for friday's show. i'm trying to rally and stage a comeback. we'll see.

junior is on the way over with some jack dan. . . er, cold medicine to help me feel better. what a pal. maybe we'll sit up and watch some pay-per-view.

meanwhile, enjoy this story about a scary pet octupus.

woe is me,
stevie joe parker

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