Thursday, May 3, 2007

Stevie Joe is Pundit to the Stars

One of the advantages of having the digital multimedia system here at the Parker Estate is that I have TiVo. Being a busy internet celebrity means that I sometimes have important engagements, drinking or otherwise, when my favorite TV shows are on. However, TiVo records them all for later viewing.

It just so happens that I finally got to watch the April 20 episode of Real Time with Bill Maher. In this episode, Bill talks about how honey bees are disappearing in his "New Rules" segment. Not so coincidentally, Stevie Joe wrote about the same subject on April 16.

Bill mentions many of the same things that I did: a reference to colony collapse disorder, Albert Einstein's quote about what would happen if bees disappeared, the theory that cell phones might interfere with bee navigation, and the prospect that our future might depend on our ability to break our addition to cell phones.

Just more proof that the world's major thinkers come to Stevie Joe for inspiration.

You're welcome, Bill,
Stevie Joe Parker

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