Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fred Thompson Surprises the Heck Outta Stevie Joe

Dickie Jensen is taking this whole political discussion group seriously. He's been on that damn computer down at Prudy's day and night looking up juicy conservative tidbits. He feels compelled to share them with me despite knowing damn well that I think he's nuts.

Anywho, he just showed me this op-ed piece written by sometimes-actor, sometimes-politician Fred Thompson in the National Review. Freddy has figured that people in general, and Republicans in particular, like electing actors to stuff. So, he's been thinking about running for President. That's why I was surprised to read his piece, entitled "Gandhi's Way Isn't The American Way."

Attacking Gandhi doesn't sound like a good way to start your campaign, but maybe he figures that Republicans think Gandhi is kind of a wimp. However, it gets better. Here's what he says:

. . . when Saddam Hussein was being given a last chance to open Iraq to U.N. weapons inspectors, posters appeared around America asking “What would Gandhi do?”

And that’s a pretty good question. At what point is it okay to fight dictators like Saddam or the al Qaeda terrorists who want to take his place?

It turns out that the answer, according to Gandhi, is NEVER.
So, Ghandi believed in peace and pacifism. Gee, who else preached peace and pacifism? Who else refused to take arms against His enemies? Could it be, hmmmm, JESUS? Now, like I've said here before, me and JC are close, and it seems that He's on the same page as Gandhi here. In fact, a popular anti-war poster and bumpersticker has asked "Who Would Jesus Bomb?"

Talking trash about someone like Gandhi won't alienate many American voters. I mean, Dickie thought Freddie's piece was brilliant. However, what's he going to do when folks point out that he's putting down JC at the same time? I'm waiting to see America's reaction to this headline:
Fred Thompson Says "Jesus' Way Isn't the American Way"
Who do you trust - actor or prophet?
Stevie Joe Parker


Schorsch said...

Ghandhi's advice to the British and the Jews in WWII would have made for a very interesting, by which I mean horrible, world. Peacefully resisting and accepting the brutality of your tormentors only works if your tormentors aren't solely interested in being brutal. Fred's right, in this lone case: let's examine philosophies well before we adopt them as sound bites.

Stevie Joe Parker said...

Freddie might be right. Heck, Stevie Joe might just fight back himself given the right situation. I'm just saying that Freddie's taken a slightly different tack than ol' JC. Usually, this winds up being a bad campaign move.