Sunday, March 11, 2007

Stevie Joe Shows Science the Face of God

OK, let's review our discussion on quantum physics so far. Matter is an illusion, and all that exists is just a complex manifestation of an energy field known as the Zero Point Field. Everything that happens down to the sub-atomic level creates a ripple in the Field that is instantaneously transmitted throughout the universe. All of these ripples are permanently stored in the Zero Point Field making it an historical record of everything that has ever happened in the universe.

So, what does that mean to us and our understanding of spirituality? Well, from what science has proven about the Zero Point Field, we can make some hypotheses. First, when we look at how the human body operates, we realize that there are some two billion processes which must take place every second. Since our nervous system is incapable of handling that much information, some have suggested that it is through the Zero Point Field that these processes are coordinated.

Second, science still does not know how an embryonic stem cell determines what type of cell (and in what part of the body) it should become. How do the cells communicate with one another in order to form a complete, functioning body? Again, some have suggested that this communication occurs through the Zero Point Field and that it might actually be the Field that provides the blueprint for orderly growth.

Third, while the science of neurology has determined which parts of the brain handle certain functions, it has not found where consciousness takes place. Various parts of the brain can be severely damaged without impairing consciousness. Once again, some have suggested that consciousness actually resides not in the tissues of the brain, but in the Zero Point Field. This is a subtle point since the tissues of the brain actually are a manifestation of the Field, but it is an important distinction.

So, this all raises the question of how our understanding of the Zero Point Field affects our view of spirituality. If a) we are all part of the Field and therefore part of one another, b) our consciousness exists within the Field rather than the body, c) the Field contains a permanent record of all that has ever happened, and d) the Field possibly provides the actual blueprint for life, then couldn't the Zero Point Field actually be God or what we understand as God? If not God, then perhaps it is the tool with which God rules the universe?

Whatever the case may be, it certainly raises some interesting questions. Science appears to reveal some wondrous things, and some of those things might be pointing towards a better understanding of God. Similarly, perhaps what we know of our spirituality can shed light on science. The two worlds are not that far apart.

Say Amen!
Stevie Joe Parker

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Valerie said...

The Zero Point Field sounds a lot like Buddhist philosophy to me. Buddhism is non-theistic - no God.