Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Stevie Joe Forsees Trouble for Junebug Holler

At this morning's meeting of the minds down at the Junebug Cafe, it was decided that we would start having regular political discussions. Now, I don't know if this has been inspired in any way by Stevie Joe Parker's Guide to Life, but I am not taking the blame for it.

The townsfolk have recognized a need to gain a better understanding of today's political landscape and, to that end, have vowed to start cruising the internet. Most folks here don't have any internet connection and damn if they all think they are coming over to the Parker estate to use mine! Thankfully, Prudy has decided to get the Cafe wired up, and she's even going to buy a computer for customer use. She's all set to rename the place the Junebug Cafe and Internet Lounge.

Letting these folks loose on the internet and engaging in political debate is like having Rhesus Monkeys command the next space shuttle mission. There is going to be trouble for sure, but it will probably mean good business for Prudy. So, good on her!

Lord help us now,
Stevie Joe Parker

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