Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Defense Department Steals Stevie Joe's Ray Gun Idea

A while back, I wrote about my ray gun idea. Based on quantum mechanics and our latest understanding of the Zero Point Field, I postulated that it would be possible to build a ray gun that shot energy waves at just the right frequency to make you drunk or stoned without the use of any chemical substances.

However, instead of using my plan for good (i.e. getting drunk and stoned), the Department of Defense has taken the plan and is using it to make people puke. That's right, they are developing a new ray gun that uses an energy beam tuned just right to make you vomit. Or as they call it, "a Star Trek hand-held Phaser Weapon set on 'Stun'."

Now, Stevie Joe not only knows his quantum mechanics, he knows his computers. I can see where visitors to Stevie Joe Parker's Guide to Life are logging in from, and it just so happens that there have been a number of visitors from the Los Alamos National Labs. All I can say is, "Shame on you!"

My work was supposed to be for the benefit of mankind, and getting folks to puke, as entertaining as that might be, wasn't part of the plan.

Stevie Joe Parker

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