Monday, March 19, 2007

March Madness at Chez Stevie Joe

I'm dog-tired after this weekend. Half of the fine citizenry of Junebug Holler was over at the Parker estate to watch the NCAA basketball tourney. I'm starting to think that folks just like me for my widescreen TV and satellite dish.

We were once again treated to the sight of Dickie Jensen running around the yard nekkid. Of course, it seems only proper that Dickie gets so excited about college hoops since he is Junebug Holler's only bona fide basketball star. Way back when, Dickie actually got himself admitted to the local junior college on a basketball scholarship.

This never quite sat right with me. I mean, I'm all in favor of folks getting an education, even guys like Dickie to whom a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Still, it rubbed me wrong that he got an athletic scholarship rather than one based on need. Dickie was certainly more needy than athletic. He never once was a starter on the team, and they never won much anyway.

I figured the money was better spent elsewhere at the school. If Dickie spent more time studying than playing ball, maybe he wouldn't be as dense as he is today. Then again, if he practiced more, maybe he could have made a basket or two.

Anyhow, to this day, Dickie goes berserk come NCAA tournament time. Come to think of it, he goes berserk for lots of reasons, but the tourney is high on the list. What with him running around without clothes and everyone else spilling beer on the berber carpeting, I'm just lucky I didn't lose it myself.

When is this darn thing over anyway?
Stevie Joe Parker

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