Sunday, March 4, 2007

Stevie Joe Catches Shrub Doing It Again

President Numbnuts went down to visit the folks affected by the tornados in Georgia and Alabama. While there, he encouraged people to help out by donating to organizations like the Red Cross. What? Can't he do anything to help?

How about this? Let's take all the dough that we are spending in Iraq and use it to help folks here. We can provide quality medical care for our returning vets. Give 'em a good benefits package and pension, too. Then, we can help the folks hit by those twisters. Of course, we need to rebuild New Orleans and the rest of the gulf coast.

So, what about the war in Iraq, you ask? Shrubby can go on the TV and ask folks to donate money for that. Maybe they can have some fundraisers. Sounds good to me.

Takin' care of our own,
Stevie Joe Parker

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