Thursday, February 15, 2007

More Quantum Physics with Stevie Joe

It appears that the tensions have subsided down at the Junebug Cafe. Hopefully, the Great Coffee Controversy can be put into the past. I had lunch there today, and all seemed quiet. This peacefulness gave me the opportunity to ponder how to continue our discussion of the Zero Point Field. Here's what I figured:

In the world of quantum physics, there's this thing called the "observer effect." This refers to the notion that something exists in all of its possible states until it is observed. There is a classic example of this created by this feller named Schrödinger. See, Schrödinger was arguing with Einstein about some stuff and came up with this idea about an experiment with a cat in a sealed box. At the end of the experiment, the cat would either be alive or dead, but until someone observed whether the cat was alive or dead, it existed in both states: both alive and dead.

Now, we take things another step. Let's say you're down at the tavern, and you're spinning a quarter on the bar. While the quarter is spinning, you can't really say whether it's heads or tails. I mean, you have to stop the thing from spinning to tell, and then it's no longer a spinning quarter. So, a spinning quarter is both heads and tails.

When you break down all the sub-atomic particles to their smallest level, where you find Zero Point Energy, things are like that spinning quarter. Instead of heads or tails, things are either a particle or a wave, and you can't tell which until you pin the damn thing down to take a look. Until you do that, it's both a particle and a wave.

Well, so what? I'll tell you what, smart guy. If we take this concept to the next step, we start to question the nature of reality itslef. Since we are all made up of Zero Point Energy and it exists in all possible states until observed, maybe everything works this way. Like the riddle of the tree falling in the forest, if there is nobody there to observe the tree, not only will it not make a sound, it might not even exist! The forest exists only as potential until it is consciously observed by someone.

I tried to explain this all to Junior once, but it didn't go well. I mean, this gets all philosophical and stuff. That's not Junior's strong point (which raises the question of what the heck Junior's strong point actually is, but I digress). He sat and listened to my explanation and then told me that if I just ignore the poop in my yard from his dog, it won't exist.

OK, heck. I know this can get boring, but follow along with me, OK? The future of our civilization depends on it.

Still trying,
Stevie Joe Parker

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