Thursday, February 1, 2007

Stevie Joe and the Christian Hypocrites

This morning at the Junebug Café, I was feeling mighty sick, and, this time, it wasn't from an undercooked Denver omelet. I was having a political discussion with some of Junebug Holler's smarter citizenry when the topic of illegal immigration came up. Someone mentioned some legislator or another proposing a new law that would make it a felony for anyone to knowingly provide support or assistance to an illegal immigrant (or "undocumented worker" or whatever the current politically correct term is). This included offering food, clothing, or a ride to the hospital. To most of the folks at the diner, this sounded like a pretty darned good idea. That's when the nausea first hit me.

Usually, I enjoy such discussions. I can argue with the best of them, and there are no hard feelings afterwards. We all tell each other that we're full of it and then move on. But this was a bit different. These folks were all regular church-going Christians. So, I asked them if it was very Christian to deny food to someone who was hungry or clothing to someone who was cold. They said that this wasn't about religion, it was about the economy and national sovereignty. Someone pointed out that the legislator proposing the law was born again, and it must be OK with him.

This really got me going. When a politician brings up being born again or otherwise religious, the implication is that a vote for them is a vote for Christian values. Well, it seems like the main reason a voter would be concerned about that would be to have the law reflect some of them values. Yet, here was a law being proposed that was going to do the opposite of what JC taught. As I said before, me and JC are pretty tight. He's OK by me, and it riles me up to see someone using his name and then doing something as unChristian as this.

Would Jesus keep undocumented workers from getting food, medical assistance, clothing, or shelter? Would He be big on keeping one group of folks over here and another group over there with a bunch of guns and fences in between to keep them apart?

I had to leave before I did something unChristian myself.

Keep up the Love,
Stevie Joe Parker

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