Friday, February 23, 2007

Stevie Joe Offers Gay Marriage Solution

Junebug Holler only has one openly gay resident, Danny Gualandi, sometimes known as "Danny G." Danny G is a hair stylist if you can believe that. Talk about your stereotypes. Anyway, Danny was at the Junebug Cafe this morning having some breakfast, and I thought it was a good time to start up a conversation about gay marriage.

The more cynical among you might suggest that I was just causing trouble, but that was not my intent. Rather, I knew that the other residents would be on their best behavior, at least when it came to their language, when discussing the matter in front of Danny. Still, I knew none of them would hold back their opinions no matter who was around. I like that about Junebug Holler folks.

Jimmy was there, and he said that it ain't right for a feller to marry a feller. It says right so in the Bible. Now, Jimmy is not exactly the church-going sort, but it sure helps to bring out the Bible to bolster an opinion, don't it? Prudy said that she didn't mind at all and what was the big deal. Danny G said that gay partners need to have the same rights as other committed couples when it comes to financial and legal matters. Junior said that he likes it when the hot girls do each other on the porn. This is why we often exclude Junior from such discussions.

I reasoned that there are really two components to a marriage: a spiritual component and a civil component. The spiritual component is the bonding of two souls under the guidance of God. The civil component is stuff like filing taxes together, hospital visitation rights, etc. My suggestion was to let the church handle the spiritual part and the state handle the civil part. The state has no business regulating or otherwise being involved in the spiritual part. The only type of union that the state should be concerned with is civil unions. Let the church handle the rest.

That seemed reasonable to most of the assembled citizenry. Junior wanted to know if anyone had any videos to "illustrate" the point.

Til death do I part,
Stevie Joe Parker

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