Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stevie Joe's Participation in Dumbass Stuff

This morning over at the Junebug Cafe, I was confronted by Dickie Jensen (still sore that I pushed him down in the snow), Junior, and Pastor Luke. They pointed out that my post in yesterday's edition of Stevie Joe Parker's Guide to Life included a statement admitting my participation in certain "dumbass" events. They claimed that said participation might be seen as evidence that I was not so damn smart after all.

Well, fellow citizens, I am hear to explain that a smart, even brilliant, person can still enjoy some good old low brow fun. This is not an admission of stupidity. Rather, it's a willingness to try new things and find ways to amuse those not so cerebrally gifted. So, yes, I not only participated in but created the Great Nekkid Races of the Junebug Holler Winter Olympiad. There's nothing else that is quite as much fun with a couple of kegs of PBR, a snow-covered meadow, and a bunch of folks wearing nothing but their work boots.

At this point in the conversation, I reminded my companions that I knew of various deeds that they had performed in years past. These are deeds of which most of Junebug Holler had no knowledge but would cause great gossip today. Especially about Pastor Luke. Of course, Pastor Luke was not always a pastor nor was he always so virtuous. In fact, there was a certain party held the night before Luke headed off for the seminary . . .

The conversation was dropped.

On your marks, get set, get nekkid!
Stevie Joe Parker

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