Sunday, February 18, 2007

Stevie Joe Answers Global Warming Critics

Junebug Holler is an outdoor-based community. We like outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, barbeques, backyard wrestling, and sitting in the kiddie pool while drinking margaritas. So, winter is often hard on us, this winter in particular. It's been damn cold in Junebug Holler.

To help cure the winter blues, several of us leading townsfolk declared that we would bundle up and go stand outside at Dickie Jensen's house and drink beer. It was Dickie himself who set me off when he asked, "Where's your global warming now, Stevie Joe?"

Dickie happened to be standing right next to his little boy's wagon (yes, Dickie Jensen, the man who once sprayed freon onto his testicles on a dare, has kids). With a gentle, but firm, push, I sent Dickie falling over backwards onto his ass. Argument over.

An inconvenient neighbor,
Stevie Joe Parker

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