Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stevie Joe Needs More Evangelists

News of Stevie Joe Parker's Guide to Life is rocketing around the virtual community, and that means the world is becoming a better place. However, progress is slow, and Stevie Joe needs your help to spread the gospel. I'm asking all you true believers to use this phrase wherever you might think is appropriate:

I'm Learning About Life with Stevie Joe:

The future of humanity might just be in your hands. Now, the presidential campaign is already upon us, and while I have no intention of running, I might not turn down a nomination if drafted. Certainly, it is premature for a "Draft Stevie Joe" movement, but getting the word out about Stevie Joe Parker's Guide to Life is a good start.

Thanks for your help. I'll be getting back to quantum physics shortly.

Your humble servant,
Stevie Joe Parker

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