Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Stevie Joe Encounters Unrest in Junebug Holler

I stopped in to the Junebug Cafe this morning and was greeted with much derision. It seems that some clever resident has figured out how to get on the internet and has been providing updates about Stevie Joe Parker's Guide to Life to the other folks. This was fine and dandy when I posted things that made fun of Junior because, well, we all do that from time to time. However, my latest discussion of science and spirituality has created a disgruntled populace.

After I agreed to buy coffee for everyone, folks backed off from the threats of physical violence and were able to express their discontent with a series of screeches and barking noises. As best as I can tell, they felt that my discussion of science and spirituality, and quantum physics in particular, was somehow a swipe at the entire Junebug Holler community. Perhaps, this reaction is similar to the one I witnessed when Junior watched the magic trick video. Because he could not understand or comprehend what he had seen, he became frightened. When a large group of people become frightened, they often become violent. The apes have found the obelisk and/or Coke bottle.

Maybe they thought that I was lording my massive intelligence over them. I don't know, but they were p.o.'d. I'll get back to my science and spirituality discourse shortly, but I have to go calm the natives right now. This might require beer (oh Lord help us then).

Keeping the faith and spreading the Gospel,
Stevie Joe Parker

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