Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Stevie Joe's Favorite Conservative Comedian

Speaking of comedians, I listened to President Numbnut's press conference today. I couldn't watch on the TV because I was out piloting the Big Blue Wagon. The reason Shrub is funny is simple. He assumes that all opposition to his policies are the result of stupidity. See, folks just don't understand the hard thinking that went into his decisionering.

If people don't understand your explanation the first time, just say it again but slower and with more emphasis:

Q: Sir, why the troop surge now?
A: Well, if we pull out, we will hafta fight 'em here instead of fightin' 'em there.
Q: Are those the only two options? Surge or pull out?
A: Let me explain this in simple language - if we pull out now . . . we will have to . . . uh . . .fight them here. . .instead of . . . uh . . . fighting them . . . uh . . . there. See what I mean? You know, I'm the Commander . . . uh . . . in-Chief.

Talk down to me bad boy,
Stevie Joe Parker

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